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To distinguish the restaurant from the hotel

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2023 3:00 am
by rubisultanat
This may be due to a restaurant that has the same name as the hotel or does not have its own name. Result: a restaurant that remains attached to the hotel brand (not necessarily a bad thing as we will see) and confusion in the eyes of potential external customers who may think that the restaurant only welcomes customers staying in the hotel .two solutions can be implemented: Separate restaurant name A distinct hotel name helps customers avoid confusion: make it clear that your restaurant welcomes everyone! However, if you want to maintain a consistent brand image between your restaurant and your hotel, try to find a balance in the name of your restaurant so as to avoid a sudden break in the image of your brand.

This is what the gastronomic restaurant Le Cloître has set up which, although it has a different name from the hotel to which it is attached (“Le Couvent des Minimes”), has USA Student Phone Number List preferred to keep a similarsemantic approach. An approach that is also found in the navigation structure of the restaurant's website: the restaurant page is in fact backed by the hotel's website. Le Cloitre restaurant website Le Cloître restaurant website Partially separate restaurant name If your hotel has a certain reputation or local presence, it may be relevant to associate the name of the hotel with a restaurant name.


For example, the 5-star luxury hotel Relais & Château le Clos du Sens associates its name with the eponymous restaurant by adding its chef to the baton: “Restaurant Clos des Sens – Laurent Petit”. 2. Avoid diluting your online visibility Much like the restaurant name, some hotel restaurants have limited or no online visibility. Here are some measures to put in place to overcome the overwhelming visibility of your hotel: Have its own well-optimized website from an SEO point of view and distinct from the hotel's website (except in the specific case where the hotel has a well-established reputation or presence and the restaurant just opened) Separate social networks : again, a separate Facebook account or page will allow you to publish and relay information exclusive to your restaurant – allowing you to segment your target at the same time during advertising campaigns, for example.